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Three things make all the difference to meetings at venues of all types, shapes and sizes; preparation, technology, and support. Bringing these elements together is often challenging and stressful. Brähler can provide a complete solution.

We pride ourselves on offering complete solutions to conferencing situations. Our trained rental staff are able to assist you in planning and coordinating your meeting requirements. As a partner in the Brähler ICS Global Network, we have the ability to cover your requirements no matter where you are. We can offer our services through 104 cities across 80 countries from San Francisco to Sydney.

Brähler ICS has been supplying hired equipment for small as well as large, prestigious venues since 1969. Our ISO certified, state-of-the-art products are both designed and manufactured by us, and supported our team of knowledgeable engineers with strong organisational skills, who will do their best to make your meetings as stress-free as possible.


For more detailed information on our products please see the links below:


Our Infracom® SI systems use Infrared distribution technology for greater security. Use for hard of hearing facilities, or for conferences involving up to 32 channels of Simultaneous Interpretation or audio distribution.


The role of the simultaneous interpreter is central to the success of any multi-lingual conference or meeting. Teams of interpreters listen to the speaker, provide an interpretation of what has just been said and continue interpreting until the speaker has finished. This allows all delegates to hear the speech at the same time in their native language, allowing an uninterrupted conference to take place as if all delegates were speaking only one language. So please contact us with your requirements or see more information on interpreters here.


European Works Council meetings bring together speakers of many different languages to negotiate collectively. Therefore, every participant must be able to communicate to all the others as well as understand them. We have the necessary technical knowledge and event experience; you can be assured that language will not be a barrier at your next multi-lingual conference or international meeting. So please contact us with your requirements or see more information on EWC here.


Brähler UK can also provide document translation services including translation of meeting presentations and minutes into all conference languages. Please contact us for all your translation requirements.


INFOPORT is a portable, RF wireless sound transmission system. Ideal for use as a small Simultaneous Interpretation or tour-guide system. Works very well in noisy environments such as factories and plants.


    Our wired and wireless DIGIMIC® systems are for meetings large or small, where full interactive discussions take place, allowing all participants to have quick and easy access to broadcast quality microphones. Offers remote control, microphone zoning and camera control.


    CDS200 II
    CDS200 II is a microphone discussion system designed for all meeting environments. For Parliaments, Council Chambers or any venue where sophisticated microphone and audio control is required.
    CDSVAN is a software-controlled digital audio processing system, able to combine microphones, cameras, voting and interpretation into a single system. Remove the need for racks of expensive control equipment and replace it with CDSVAN. Up to 32 channels of audio in uncompressed 24-bit/96KHz digital quality.


    Voting keypads for interaction in a huge range of situations, including sales and marketing meetings, training and quiz shows. Let DIGIVOTE® empower and involve your audience.
    We have the capability to provide sound, video, projection, lighting, rigging, staging, sets and labour for functions of all sizes. We cater for conferences and events such as training seminars, sales meetings, fashion shows, award ceremonies, product launches and roadshows.

Equipment manuals and downloads can be found here


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