Digital recording systems for courtrooms, hearing rooms and interview rooms.


VIQ Solutions

A World leader in digital recording and logging systems, VIQ Solutions, appointed Brahler ICS UK Limited as value-added reseller for the UK. Brahler has installed VIQ recording systems into over 670 court rooms in England & Wales and in over 150 courtrooms in Scotland and provides nation-wide support to the courts.

CDS200 microphone unit


Imagine a recording that you can access 24 hours a day, even over a standard web browser. Imagine a record that you can efficiently share with those you want to share it with, quickly and easily. Imagine a complete record: audio, video, notes and other digital attachments, treated as a singular file that is protected, searchable, audited and secure.

A simple tape machine can give you a "record." VIQ does things differently. We are focused not just on audio recording but on the collection of all digital media evidence: audio, video, emails, photographs, logs, attachments, and more. We view digital media evidence as a secure, collaborative tool that can improve your productivity, security and accessibility.

Our customizable software includes features like multi-channel audio and video capture with synchronized annotations. The VIQ system can also offer remote monitoring and recording control, integration with data or case management systems and complete transcription workflows, all from a simplified interface. Best of all, you get to choose the features and functions you need and turn off those you don't, letting the software grow with you as your needs change.

VIQ has spent over 25 years on the cutting edge of the collection and management of digital media evidence records, with thousands of satisfied customers in over 20 countries. With a better approach to the collection, storage and management of digital audio, video and files, learn how VIQ increases efficiency, improves security and reduces costs at www.viqsolutions.com.

Encompass RPC

The Encompass Remote Processing Control ("RPC") Suite provides the ability to securely control multimedia recording in multiple courtrooms from any satellite location across the Internet, WAN or LAN. From any authorised satellite workstation, an operator can monitor and control audio and video acquisition in up to eight different courtrooms, allowing you to more efficiently allocate your resources. For more information on Encompass RPC, please visit the Encompass RPC page.

Encompass RPC also comes embedded in Cisco's Connected Justice solution. Connected Justice provides a connected court system that addresses reduced budgets, resources and manpower while increasing productivity during the justice process.


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    CDS200 microphone unit

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