More versatility, same reliability

Brähler ICS has added several significant system enhancements to its digital DIGIMIC classic line.

The award-winning CMic delegate unit will be enhanced by a channel selector and voting function. The system will feature 7 languages + floor channel and can still be operated as a stand-alone solution. The microphone unit has an OLED display (256 x 32 pixels) with a maximum of five keys. In addition to channel selection, the system features many voting and evaluation functions, such as classic Yes/No/Abstention or For/Against voting as well as information gathering and knowledge tests.

cMic CSV - now with voting buttons and language channel selector
  • Digital channel selector for 8 languages
  • Audio quality at 48kHz, 16bit
  • Graphical OLED display (256 x 32 pixels)
  • Automatic ambient light adjustment
  • 5 keys for channel, volume and voting
  • Displays over 180 different languages
  • Arabic, Japanese & Chinese characters
  • Standard 3.5mm stereo headphone socket
  • Voting functions with up to 5 keys
  • Display shows voting options
  • Selectable voting modes (open/secret0
  • Display vote results directly on the display
  • All classic line DIGIMIC microphone stands can now be purchased with an aluminium faceplate on request. The microphone stand not only looks especially elegant but has a solid and robust feel to it. The perfect solution for rentals or anywhere else where a particularly high-quality look is called for on the conference table.

    The system's interpreter console is based on the successful DOLV console of the high-end CDSVAN conference system and can be hooked up to one of the four outputs of the DCen control console. Intuitive handling is facilitated by the console's clearly laid out controls and the large backlit display, showing all activities.

  • Up to 8 languages
  • Up to 4 consoles per booth
  • Low susceptibility to mobile phone interference
  • 5 relay channels plus floor channel
  • 3 selectable outgoing channels
  • 6 special function keysh
  • CD-quality digital audio
  • Modern and sophisticated design
  • Auto-relay function
  • DDol - Enhancing the Digimic system by enabling affordable simultaneous interpretation


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