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Brahler has many years of experience assigning teams of simultaneous interpreters to satisfy the specific requirements of both clients and subject matter. With our guidance, support and technical knowledge and event experience, you can be assured that language will not be a barrier at your next multi-lingual conference or international meeting. Please contact us for your interpreter requirements.

Simultaneous Interpreters

The role of the simultaneous interpreter is central to the success of any multi-lingual conference or meeting.

Teams of interpreters listen to the speaker, provide an interpretation of what has just been said and continue interpreting until the speaker has finished. This allows all delegates to hear the speech at the same time in their native language, allowing an uninterrupted conference to take place as if all delegates were speaking only one language.

A good simultaneous interpretation system must allow all interpreters to hear the speaker at the same time, without adding extra complexity to the meeting. This can only be achieved if they have the necessary experience, language skills and complete confidence in the technical support and the interpretation technology.

Brahler provides a complete linguistic service from highly skilled and experienced teams of simultaneous interpreters supported by the very latest Brahler interpretation technology.

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