Interpreter Booth M83H

Portable interpreter booth accommodating for two interpreters

The M83H portable interpreter booth provides working accommodation for two interpreters.

The whole interpretation booth can be assembled by means of hook fastenings. The dimensions and weights of the individual modules makes it possible to transport and assemble the booth by only one person. The modules are linked by hooks that can by fastened by means of a hexagon socket screw wrench (type 7), which is stored below the working surface. The vertical modules are made of a robust outer hardwood frame which surrounds a central panel made of a soundproofing laminate material.  The inside surface is covered with a robust, sound-absorbing felt material, thus helping to avoid scratching when the booth modules are stacked for storage or transportation. The booth door has a rubber seal for an optimum level of sound-proofing.

The M83H interpreter booth has soundproofing values better than those required by the ISO 4043 standard. The difference in sound pressure level (D) on the outside for sound originating in the room is at least equal to the following table:

Frequency in Hz



- 1.000



D in dB







The booth is designed to take two low noise tangential fans, which are placed in the roof modules and ensure that there is an adequate amount of air circulating in the booth. In addition, two reading lamps should be provided for each booth.




The M83H booth is designed to accommodate two interpreters (each 80cm width). A working-surface module (50cm depth) is fitted inside the booth (working height 73cm). The working surface holds both a shelf for the interpreter's documents below the table and an invisible cable trunk at the end of the table to provide easy connection of the interpreter consoles.

The M83 booth system can be put together to form a booth for two interpreters (M83H) or a booth for three interpreters (M83D). In addition to the standard modules, the M83D simply needs an additional roof module and a larger working surface. The sides, door and window modules can be freely combined. The door can be installed on either side of the booth or at the back.

Key Features:

  • Occupies a surface area of 170x170cm and its height is 204cm (external measurements)
  • Made up of three modular side panels (80.5x201cm), four windows modules (80.5x201cm), one door module (80.5x201cm), and two roof modules (85x170cm).
  • Three types of vertical modules: side wall modules, door modules with permanently hinged booth door and window modules glazed with shatterproof safety glass
  • Outside surface has a hard-wearing finish


Interpreter Booth M83H

Product Description

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