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Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Infracom is a simultaneous interpretation system that works wirelessly to translate a speaker's voice to delegates in their mother tongue, via a distortion-free infrared light. Speeches can be translated in up to 32 languages at any time and the system can be used to provide facilities for the hard of hearing as well as offering outputs for recording and external audio.

The IRX infrared receiver forms part of the Infracom simultaneous interpretation system, alongside interpreter booths and wireless infrared audio transmission of up to 32 channels. Delegates can listen to their chosen language in comfort using wireless headphones or ear pieces.


Using the relay switch on the front of each console the interpreter can choose to listen to either the original audio or any other interpreted channel. Consoles can be provided with chip-card readers which allow each interpreter to take their personal settings with them to whichever console they use.


Key Features:

  • Reliable, high quality, secure broadcast
  • Robust infrared receivers with comfortable, lightweight delegate headsets
  • Daylight receivers work in natural light conditions
  • Systems for up to 32 languages can be provided


The INFRACOM simultaneous interpretation system from Brähler provides wireless infrared transmission of the language signals. It is the perfect solution for providing translations exclusively acoustically (listening only) to delegates at a conference.

Infracom wireless receivers can also be integrated into a Digimic or CDSVAN system if required.

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