INFRACOM® Dual Interpreter Console DOL7/2

Professional interpretation and translation services to complete your

The dual interpreter Console DOL7/2 for use by two interpreters is designed for the transmission of 1+6 channels (6 languages).

DOL7/2 is interconnected to the control console and the next interpreter console by daisy-chain technology. The control panel is divided into clearly organized, function-oriented sections: monitoring - speaking - special functions. The controls are designed in a user-friendly manner and are easy to operate. Via the two "Monitoring" function sections, one may preselect an interpretation channel using the 6-digit rotary switch. The interpreter can choose between this interpretation channel and the ORIGINAL (floor) channel using the RELAIS toggle switch.





Key Features:

  • Control panel for two interpreters
  • 1+6 channels
  • Compatible with equipment for 1+8 channels and former control consoles
  • Interconnection using single-cable technology
  • A/B/C outgoing channel selection
  • Processor-controlled functions
  • Display of the output channel and the language complying to ISO639
  • Volume, bass, and treble are individually adjustable via separate controls



Product Overview and Technical Data

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