DIGIVOTE - Voting keypads
Interactive audience response

DIGIVOTE is an interactive audience response / voting system using wireless radio technology combined with tailor made software. It offers the most complete, customised and flexible solution on the market, allowing features such as multiple choice voting and chipcard voting using dedicated voting keypads.

As its value has been increasingly recognised, so clients' demands from the system have increased. With a dedicated software development team, DIGIVOTE is constantly updated with new options and features, to ensure that your requirements can be met.

With high impact graphics, which allow us to tailor your voting sessions to your own corporate identity for seamless inclusion into your presentations, DIGIVOTE is the most effective way to get the most from your delegates.

  • » Radio transmission system ensures 100 percent of the votes are collected
  • » Minimal set up time
  • » Colour-coded keypad for ease of option choice
  • » Integrated Chip Card reader to control access and identify delegates
  • » Immediate display of results once the votes have been collected
  • » High-impact presentation graphics


digivote keypad

The DIGIVOTE keypad has 10 voting buttons and an LCD display.

The keypad uses rechargeable batteries and has an impressive battery life of over 10,000 button presses.


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