DIGIVOTE Interactive Professional

The sophisticated voting software for pros

DIGIVOTE interactive pro is the professional version of the DIGIVOTE voting software for DIGIMIC  systems.

The software offers complex evaluations of results and expanded export options. It also allows for the ad-hoc switching of graphics within the presentation as well as the integration of two different monitors with a control panel and delegate view.

This software can also be used with the DIGIVOTE III Standalone voting system.

Key Features:

  • Basic functions of DIGIVOTE Software basic interactive
  • Additional voting and evaluation criteria
  • Information collection and tests: multiple choice, ranking, best only, opinion survey, etc.
  • Segmented results analysis for individual results
  • Comparison and juxtaposition of group/team results
  • Voting types inspired by game shows: quiz mode, shoot-out
  • Weighted voting and voting results
  • Name management (importing of name lists)
  • Export of results
  • Documentation of results


DIGIVOTE Interactive Professional

Product Information

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