Simultaneous voting function that can be used with DIGIMIC systems.

DIGIVOTE III is the standalone system from Brähler that sets new standards for intelligent voting and evaluation systems.

Parliamentary votes, elections, knowledge surveys, opinion surveys, segment analyses, group comparisons and interactive quizzes, with real-time evaluations of the results and direct integration into the presentation, are all possible with DIGIVOTE III.

The true strength of DIGIVOTE III is its capability for interaction. The chair or speaker can actively involve delegates into a presentation in the widest variety of ways. Equipped with wireless DIGIVOTE voting units, they can give feedback during an event and immediately see their input on the screen.

Voting results can be integrated into a variety of file formats and enhanced through the integration of a logo.



Key Features:

  • Radio transmission system ensures 100 percent of the votes are collected
  • Minimal set up time
  • Colour-coded keypad for ease of option choice
  • Integrated Chip Card reader to control access and identify delegates
  • Immediate display of results once the votes have been collected
  • High-impact presentation graphics
  • Traditional voting types such as yes/no/abstain
  • Weighted votes
  • Elections
  • Information gathering and knowledge surveys
  • Opinion surveys
  • Multiple choice
  • Prioritisation


Product Overview

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