Digital Audio Recording

Digital recording and logging systems

Brähler ICS UK Limited is the UK’s exclusive sales partner for VIQ Solutions, the world leader in digital recording and logging systems.

VIQ software complements and integrates with Brähler audio products. It focuses not just on audio recording but on the collection of all digital media evidence: audio, video, emails, photographs, logs, attachments, and more.

Digital media evidence is a secure, collaborative tool that can improve productivity, security and accessibility.

The software includes multi-channel audio and video capture with synchronized annotations and can offer remote monitoring and recording control, integration with data or case management systems and complete transcription workflows, all from a simplified interface. It is also fully customisable so that users can choose the features and functions they need and turn off those they don't.

This perfect mix of hardware and software can be applied to various settings including legal, medical, police, hearing rooms, interview rooms or anywhere that a digital archive is required.

Brähler has installed recording systems into over 670 court rooms in England & Wales and in over 150 courtrooms in Scotland and provides nation-wide support to the courts. Please have a look at the case study here



VIQ Hearings

Standalone solution for recording digital audio and/or video

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VIQ Medical

Capture, Management and Collaboration Solutions

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VIQ Police

Audio, Video and Evidence Solutions for Law Enforcement

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