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Brähler ICS recently announced the CMic CSV which introduces voting and simultaneous interpretation, in conjunction with the new DDol interpreter unit.

Capable of 7 channels of simultaneous interpretation, plus the floor channel, the interpretation element enables small to medium sized conference systems to expand as required.

A comprehensive voting function even allows voting results to be displayed on the delegate's OLED screens built into the microphone units.

Digimic now also comes with an iOS recording app, Rec&Go, allowing you to record your meeting directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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new generation of digimic

The latest generation of Digimic can be used as a wired discussion system, or wireless, or even combined to use wired and wireless.

Fully digital with enhanced wireless transmission which is extremely resilient to other radio interference, the latest Digimic gives unrivalled flexibility with the reliability customers have come to expect.


The all-new CMic CSV - microphone, voting, interpretation

Digimic - wired, wireless - BOTH!

Digimic is a digitally controlled microphone management system which enables orderly discussion at any meeting. DIGIMIC sets the yardsticks for transmission quality, reliability, compatibility and last but not least for value. Digimic is a sophisticated digitally controlled microphone management system that has been used all over the world. Systems offer an array of versatile and innovative functions which are complemented by simplicity of use.

Multiple automated modes are available, allowing from 1-6 microphones to be active at any one time, and allows the chairman the option of having priority over any other open microphones.

Digimic's flexibility gives meeting organisers and chairpersons complete control over proceedings, offering comprehensive software for geographic layouts, microphone queuing, switching and speaking time limits.

With the ability to run up to 5 seperate systems, wired, wireless or both, from one central control for mult-room meetings meetings, you can be safe in the knowledge that our systems and technicians will allow your meetings to proceed successfully without technology getting in the way.

  • » Simple wireless and single-cable technology with minimal installation times
  • » Each delegate has immediate access to a microphone
  • » Chairman override facilities allow more structured meetings
  • » Up to 5 seperate systems from a single central controller
  • » Remote control of microphones via PC Software over TCP/IP (Ethernet)
  • » Eliminates the need for roving microphones during Q and A sessions

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