Digimic DDOL

Simultaneous interpretation console from the flexible DIGIMIC family.

The DDol interpreter console can easily be integrated into, or added to a DIGIMIC classic, DIGIMIC mini or a DIGIMIC lean+ system.

The DIGIMIC DDol has been developed in cooperation with interpreters, the clearly arranged controls, large, bright display and the illuminated buttons allow straightforward and intuitive operation.

The interpreter console is divided into three functional sections:

  • Speaking - Three outgoing channels, mic ON/OFF button, mute button, active and occupied channel indicator.
  • Monitoring - Built in loudspeaker with channel selector to monitor all languages, Auto-mute function.
  • Listening and relay – Five pre-selectable relay channels, separate ‘floor’ button, relay quality indicator.


All common (mono and stereo) headphones can be connected to the console’s headphone jack, which in combination with a gooseneck microphone or combined microphone/headset allows flexibility, comfort and ease of use for the interpreter.




Key Features:

  • Three outgoing channels (A/B/C)
  • Microphone ON/OFF button
  • Button to mute the active microphone temporarily
  • Clear indication of active and occupied channels
  • 5 pre-selectable relay channels
  • Separate floor button
  • Relay interpretation quality indicator
  • Loudspeaker with channel selector to monitor all languages
  • All loudspeakers within one booth will be muted automatically when a DDOL in the booth goes live
  • Operator and/ or chairman call
  • Auto Relay feature
  • Various take-over modes programmable
  • "Hearing guard" LED to indicate headphone volume level


Digimic DDOL

Product Overview

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