DIGIMIC classic

Standalone conference system

The DIGIMIC Classic system from Brähler offers a high-performance, flexible solution suitable for both large-scale discussions and smaller meetings. They ushered in the age of digital conference technology and are still setting new benchmarks today. DIGIMIC systems are in use in large convention centres, trade fair halls, council chambers, meeting rooms and parliaments worldwide.

Standard microphone units all offer push-to-talk and request-to-speak functions, they have built in loudspeakers, headphone sockets and volume control and can also include voting buttons or language selection if required. The Chairman’s units also include an additional mute button for overriding of all active delegate microphone units.

The DIGIMIC Classic systems are managed, configured and routed by a DCen central control unit (expandable up to 2000 delegate units) or a for smaller systems (up to 25 delegate units)

The DIGIMIC DDol interpreter console integrates seamlessly into the DIGIMIC Classic system to allow simultaneous interpretation and alternative language distribution via either the delegate microphones, or wirelessly to IRX receivers when using INFRACOM.


Key Features

  • Plug and play technology
  • Easy to use and set up and can be remotely controlled via software
  • Can be expanded to include a voting function
  • Microphone stations awarded the iF design award
  • Can be customised and integrated into the furnishings
  • Interpretation available for up to 32 languages


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