Courts in England & Wales Implement Digital Recording

Brähler ICS UK Limited and VIQ Solutions were chosen to partner on the implementation of digital recording systems in over 650 court rooms across England and Wales. Brähler was selected based on its expertise in court audio systems and audio integration, demonstrated over many years working in courts.

After an initial Early Stage Implementation (ESI) program to test the suitability of the VIQ recording, annotation and archiving software, national roll-out (NRO) has been successfully completed. Over 650 court rooms in over 100 sites across England and Wales are now live, with Brähler engineers providing technical and onsite support.

Due to Brähler's extensive national coverage, both the ESI and NRO phases were completed on schedule, working in conjunction with technology partners Atos Origin and Logica. In addition to integrating with existing court audio systems, the Brähler engineering teams were able to enhance and in some cases entirely replace the court microphones and sound reinforcement systems, bringing added value to the contract and ensuring that the project goals were met on time and within budget.

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