Digital congress system with advanced sound processing

CDSVAN is a computer controlled, digital sound processing system. The ultimate delegate unit, the DV9 features five voting buttons, a built-in loudspeaker, channel selector, chip-card reader, detachable gooseneck microphone with illuminated red LED ring and headphone socket for up to 32 languages.

CDSVAN is the first conference system with an open architecture, allowing you to design and build your sound system on screen, on site and in real time.

By using CDS-VAN over 50% of the hardware required for a standard sound processing system can be removed. The whole system works without any audio compression and thus offers studio quality for all language channels, as well as the ability to record the audio directly to the hard drive. CDS-VAN can also have multiple configurations, meaning users can switch between live environments easily.

By adding DOLV interpreter consoles to the CDSVAN system, up to 32 high quality alternative language channels can be distributed to the delegate units, or via INFRACOM .


Brahler's CDSVAN is a leading, automated sound processing system with voting functionality and built-in loudspeaker - designed for conferences and events.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and scalable routing of multi-channel
  • Uncompressed, 24-bit 96kHz audio (broadcast quality)
  • Processing is done in real-time, any changes are realised instantly
  • Modular design means easy installation
  • Custom units and system designs allow for truly bespoke congress systems


Product Overview

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