AV Solutions

Audio Visual Sound Equipment

The sound experience during an event should be perfect from beginning to end.

Our Brähler sound specialists have the capability to provide sound, video, projection, lighting, rigging, staging, sets and technical support for functions of all sizes. We cater for conferences and events, such as training seminars, sales meetings, fashion shows, award ceremonies, products launches and roadshows.


We offer AV sound equipment for events of any size and any occasion and our project leaders can help you to select the appropriate sound system for your event based on a range of factors including size, location, surroundings and acoustical conditions.

Key Features:

  • Sound systems
  • Speakers
  • Line array
  • Displays
  • Microphones
  • Mixing consoles
  • Intercom systems for the communications between the event manager and cameramen / event management
  • Transmission systems (OB van or live stream)
  • Effect devices
  • Power amplifiers
  • Amplifiers
  • Playback equipment


Please contact us if you any questions about integration of AV equipment or would like a quotation.

need to know more? call 01223 411601 or email info@brahler.co.uk