Simple to use, stand alone, push-to-talk discussion system


Simple to use, stand alone, push-to-talk discussion system

The AUTOMIC system is a flexible, reliable, stand-alone, analogue microphone system for conferences and meetings. AUTOMIC is immune to radio interference and interference from communication devices such as mobile phones, WLAN, or Bluetooth. Naturally the new AUTOMIC system and its components are fully compatible with our older analogue DIGIMIC systems.

Each AMic delegate microphone unit has a backlit on/off button and built-in loudspeaker. The detachable gooseneck stem also has a red LED ring to indicate when the microphone is live.

One ACen central control unit can support up to 100 AMic units connected to 4 line outlets in various operating modes. For greater flexibility the system can be extended using an APad control panel. This panel allows for fast and easy remote switching of any microphone and enables a manual “delegate request queue” operating mode.


The Automic is a leading conference microphone system, intuitive in usability and featuring push-to-talk functionality

Key Features:

  • Fully compatible with existing Brahler analogue systems
  • Immune to radio, mobile and Bluetooth interference
  • Easy and fast operation for up to 100 delegates


Overview and specifications of the Automic system

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